SMI Study Group

SMI Study Group

Critical Texts Study Group

As part of the SMI's ongoing student events, the SMI Critical Texts Study Group was established to take place on the first Wednesday of each month beginning February 2017. Interested student members were invited to participate at a SMI Critical Text Study Group which was first chaired by Anja Bunzel and hosted by the Royal Irish Academy of Music on the first Wednesday of each month, starting in February 2017.
The group met from 18:00–20:00 on the following dates:
• 1 February 2017;
• 1 March 2017;
• 5 April 2017;
• 3 May 2017; and
• 7 June 2017.

Following the success of these gatherings, additional study groups will be planned for 2018 onwards.

The study group aims to provide an informal environment for collaboration and discussion amongst graduate students throughout Ireland. Possible themes for discussion include, but are not limited to, music & text, music & culture, performance studies, popular music studies, and the self-image of musicology as a discipline. A list of possible texts for discussion are published before the meetings commence. Opportunities are available at these meetings to discuss research problems, themes, methodologies, or any challenges that might emerge during individual projects.

Study groups are free to attend for all members of the SMI. In order to have an idea of numbers please get in touch via Facebook (Society for Musicology in Ireland). Questions and/ or suggestions of any kind are most welcome. For further details on both events please check the SMI website and/ or Facebook page where updates will be posted on a regular basis.