Membership benefits

There are many benefits to membership of the Society for Musicology in Ireland

SMI members are entitled to reduced rates at annual plenary and postgraduate student conferences as well as other SMI associated events. SMI members also benefit from reduced rates at conferences hosted by the Royal Musical Association. SMI members are eligible for 20% discounts on music publications with Ashgate and Routledge. For the Routledge discount, please use the special website link and code circulated to all members (contact the Membership Secretary if you have forgotten or misplaced the URL or the code).

Grants & Awards
Symposia organised in association with the SMI may receive assisted funding. Students and independent scholars who are members of the SMI are eligible to apply for grants and awards of up to €400 in support of musicological research and for financial assistance of up to €200 for presentations at conferences outside Ireland. The SMI Council plans to award a biennial Graduate Prize (details to be confirmed) for excellence in a postgraduate dissertation in musicology from an Irish university.

Each year the SMI names as Honorary Members, longstanding members who have made outstanding contributions to further musicology in Ireland. We also recognise Corresponding Members, honorary members who live abroad and who have made particularly notable contributions to furthering musicology in Ireland. The President and Council of the SMI award the Irish Research Council - Harrison Medal to international scholars in recognition of outstanding achievements in musicology.

The SMI promotes two regular publications, the peer-reviewed Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland (JSMI) and the book series Irish Musical Studies. The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland, published in 2013, represents the single largest research project on music in Ireland to have been undertaken to date. Many of its contributors are SMI members.

Supporting the Discipline and its Community
An important aim of the SMI is to foster a culture of inquiry, collegiality and collaboration among our members, to cultivate links with other learned societies within Ireland and internationally. Membership is open to all interested in musicological research, individuals as well as institutions, libraries and organisations. The SMI supports and promotes a wide range of musicological activities and scholarly events, through which we offer a forum for information and exchange of ideas for all those interested in concepts and questions regarding historical musicology, ethnomusicology and systematic musicology. Furthermore, our close association with our many Affiliated Members demonstrates our integral role in many aspects of music education in Ireland.

The SMI endeavours to serve the growing community of musicologists in Ireland. Our email circulars provide SMI members with regular news updates, as well as supporting and promoting events in association with SMI. We also issue a newsletter that summarizes latest developments. Our Annual Plenary and postgraduate student conferences offer a valuable platform for musicologists to present their research and engage with other researchers. Coinciding with the annual plenary conference, the AGM keeps SMI members informed of the society’s activities. SMI members are entitled to raise other issues at the AGM and have voting rights on constitutional and other matters.

Student Membership and Development
We are especially keen to foster student membership and development. Students are encouraged to present their research in the supportive environments offered by the SMI annual plenary and postgraduate student conferences. Prizewinners of the Annual Undergraduate Musicology Competition, sponsored by the Council of Heads of Music in Higher Education, have the honour of presenting their papers at the SMI postgraduate conference.

SMI student members are eligible to apply for research grants. Students and graduates are encouraged to enter details of their research on the SMI Music Thesis Register, a fully searchable register of completed and in-progress Irish postgraduate theses in the fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, music education, music technology, music therapy, performance, analysis, composition and other related fields.

The annual SMI Student Careers Forum is an invaluable platform for undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers, and interested members of the musicological public to attend roundtable discussions to provide insight into the current job market, recent opportunities, crucial skills, and the role of learned societies for career paths within the area of musicology.

Students may be further involved with the society by standing for the role of Student Representative (who has a place on SMI Council) or by working with the Student Steering Committee. Both of these opportunities provide the chance for students to contribute to the SMI and to ensure that their views are heard. Student members are invited to direct comments, questions and suggestions to the Student Representative at