Membership payment options

Members pay their annual membership fees by one of two methods, described below. Both are transactions to the SMI via PayPal, where you may pay securely (the SMI does not ever receive or store your banking or credit-card details). Note that by starting membership or renewing your membership you are assenting to the SMI's Privacy Policy and agreeing to receiving email communications from the Society through the membership mailing list. (Click on the links to read these policies in separate browser tabs without leaving this page.)

EITHER: By subscription, with recurring annual payments.
The payment for the first year is currently €45. Click here to set up your subscription today.
Note that subscription is not available at reduced rates. If you are a registered student, or eligible for membership at the concessionary rate for the unwaged or those in retirement, then select the 1-year plan designed for you, below.

OR: By purchasing one of the following 1-year membership plans:
The plans appear below only for logged-in registered users of this site.