Sending emails securely is the only way that the Society communicates directly with all its members as a group. One of the privileges of joining the Society is that the new member is subscribed to our members' mailing list and will receive all such mails intended exclusively for the membership. The content and frequency of these mails are governed by the SMI's policy on circulars, available here. The SMI uses the service of MailerLite for the efficient maintenance of the members' mailing list and for despatching mails to the list. The SMI Council's policy is that the Hon Secretary is the person normally responsible for mailing the membership, and thus the mails will arrive from the address, although for technical reasons occasional mails might be sent by other officers of the Society or by the SMI Web Administrator.

Why am I receiving emails from the SMI?

You are on the mailing list to receive news announcements and other circulars from the SMI because you currently belong to one of the following categories:
* members or student members of the SMI;
* Honorary Members or Corresponding Members or Institutional Members;
* non-members whose former membership lapsed only very recently.

Why am I not receiving emails from the SMI?

If you used to receive SMI circulars by email but are no longer receiving them, it is for one of the following reasons:

* Your membership has lapsed. If you wish to re-join the Society, please see the advice here:

* Or perhaps you are no longer using the mail address that you gave us when you last renewed your membership? The SMI uses the mail address linked to your user-account on our members' portal, If you need help in updating your account details or want us to check that mails are working for you, please contact the SMI Web Administrator at

* You remain a current member but have opted out from receiving mails by unsubscribing from our mailing list. If you believe that this is incorrect, please contact the SMI Web Administrator at and ask us to check your settings for the mailing list.

May I unsubscribe from the members' mailing list?

Yes: EU privacy and data-protection law entitles you to unsubscribe from any such list, and the mails we send out through MailerLite provide an 'unsubscribe' link. But the SMI naturally does not recommend this, for you will then receive no communications from the Society and will miss out on important news updates and other special announcements that are for all our members.