The Society is in the process of electing members to the next SMI Council: the new Council will begin its three-year term of office, 2024-2027, in late June 2024, after the AGM of the Society that takes place during the annual plenary conference in Galway. The new Council will be chaired by the next President of SMI, Dr Wolfgang Marx, elected last year as the President-designate. The remaining SMI officerships (Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Membership Secretary) will be chosen from among the elected Council members, and there is an opportunity in the election process for nominees to indicate their interest in any of these roles.file 

The election seeks to appoint ten members of Council and one Student Representative (elected by SMI student members only). In the event that more persons are nominated than there are positions to fill, secret ballots will apply. 

Eligibility for standing as a candidate and for voting. Only SMI members in good standing may be nominated as candidates for membership of the SMI Council. Equally, only SMI members in good standing may nominate any candidate, and only current members of SMI at the time of voting are permitted to vote. Those reading this who would like to participate in the election but are not members of the Society may begin their membership or renew a lapsed membership at the following link:

The following timetable applies:

  • Monday 1 April: deadline for candidates, their nominators and seconders to be SMI members in good standing.
  • Tuesday 2 April: links to the electronic nomination papers will be sent to the SMI membership. They may be downloaded here:
    (a) the nomination form for candidate for SMI Council: PDF file,  or DOC file.
    (b) the nomination form for Student Representative:  PDF file,  or DOC file
  • Monday 22 April: deadline for the submission of nominations. The nomination form invites the nominee to include a short profile outlining their interests in musicology, their institutional affiliation (if any), and any other relevant information.

Update, 23 April 2024: Since the number of valid nominations submitted by 22 April has not exceeded the number of places to be filled, all nominated candidates (total 10, including the next Student Representative) are now deemed elected. Therefore no voting is required and the remainder of this timetable no longer applies. 

  • Tuesday 30 April: the date by which all persons wishing to vote must be members of SMI in good standing. 
  • Early May: voting takes place.

Further details will be sent to SMI members in due course, and public announcements may appear both here and as posts in the SMI Facebook and Twitter (X) accounts.